Meet Lily

They say home is where the heart is. To me, this has special meaning.

Throughout my life, Berkeley has always left its footprints. It was the place I chased squirrels as a 5-year-old, and then after I moved, it was where Science Olympiad tournaments were held. But it wasn’t until freshman year that I truly grasped the bustle of Sproul, the opportunity behind every lecture hall, and the challenges that characterized Berkeley. Intimidated and inexperienced, I came across Berkeley Consulting freshman fall with hopes to step out of my comfort zone. BC’s welcoming members, impactful work, and bold vision made that fall and the following semesters unforgettable.

Being part of BC has shaped the way I approached my goals and pushed me to be unafraid in face of difficult problems. My first project with BC involved analysing the donor space for a global healthcare non-profit dealing with medical devices. Having been interested in biology/medicine in high school, I often felt that the jargon-filled research I was doing was inaccessible to the outside world, so working on a project like this was extremely fulfilling. Especially as we flew out to Seattle to deliver our findings to PATH executives, I saw the direct impact our project team had: we defined traits of successful health organizations and provided comprehensive competitor repositories to create a lasting framework for donor engagement. The supportive environment, individual passion, and hunger for knowledge that each BC member had made me realize that overcoming challenges to make a difference comes from sharing a purpose. For the first time, I felt heard and gained new confidence for what I can contribute in my future career.

BC’s extensive network and intellectually diverse community guided me in many other aspects of my life. My first travel experience, first call with pivotal scientists, first job referral, first digital art lesson, and the first push toward my current major was gently guided by BC members. These priceless opportunities were presented to me with the care and inspiration that my high school self could only dream of. From alumni to new members, I was always able to gain a bit more insight into how the world works and what was the right path for me. Likewise, the ability to deductively solve problems, observe patterns, and communicate has helped me in my technical and nontechnical work environments.

I am extremely thankful for BC, and am very grateful for the laughter, excitement, and challenges that I was able to experience because of it. A big part of who I am and who I have yet to become is embedded in the memories I have within BC. That’s why I know that even when things continue to be online or when years pass by, Berkeley and BC will always be home to me.