Meet Eric

If there was one place throughout my college career where I have been able to continuously learn valuable lessons in all facets of life, it has been with Berkeley Consulting. Each and every one of the colorful people that form this organization has left me with invaluable memories in areas ranging from professional know-hows to tight-knit friendships that I'll cherish for rest of my life. As an international student, BC has given me an incredibly fulfilling and exciting college experience and contributing to the organization's collective endeavors has made my time unforgettably worthwhile.

I first witnessed BC in action during an info-session, and immediately felt that this group of people was more than just an organization. They were like an all-star sports team: from the well-seasoned seniors who offered their advice on every possible situation to the welcoming and eloquent presentation of the consultants-these people embraced you as their own and walked you through mentorship and friendship. Since joining this organization, I have worked hard to maintain the renowned polish of BC work by the efforts of previous seniors, so that I am equipped to mentor the next generation to raise the standard of what student consulting can embody.

Over the last years, I have worked on four projects with BC and sourced four projects as an account manager during COVID. I am always excited by how your role as a member of BC is ever-changing and also ever-challenging. Whether you are a newbie learning the ropes while tackling unique problem spaces, or a Project Manager orchestrating deliverables directly with clients while mentoring a team of talented people, your perspective is never stagnant and your skill-set constantly improving. All the while you are building lasting friendships with some of the brightest people on campus.

My favorite experience was probably my semester as part of the Account Manager team, where we sourced future projects and maintained client relationships. This was, to me, a culmination of my previous roles where I was able to not only construct project teams of incredibly competent and diverse people, but also define and tackle cutting-edge problem spaces with clients in a breadth of industries. Here, BC's diversity and depth of knowledge through its talented people stand out to breakthrough real-world business problems-an enormously fulfilling aspect of the BC experience.

To me, Berkeley Consulting is so much more than just the work we do. It represents a place of growth, camaraderie, and an abode of unique ideas. Encountering all these experiences in a single organization is often overwhelming, never boring, and always unforgettable.